Art Pieces – Selling Private Collection | Online Only

Address: Online Only – Pompano Beach

Auction Start: Thursday August 18, 2022

Auction End: Thursday August 18, 2022


Selling Private Collection

Pre-Columbian Artifacts
Designer Handbags
Rare Uniquities
Designer Watches
17th thru 19th Century Religious Paintings
Exotic Woods

Thursday August 18th @ 5:00pm

 All Items Being Sold Online

Art Pieces
Antique Oil On Copper 17th Century Religious Painting

Early 20th Century Oil Painting by Francesco Cangiullo
Early 19th Century French Oil Painting,
 “The Torture Chamber,” By A Sonthonax
Ascension of the Virgin Painting, Early 20th Century
Antique Native American Copper Relief, Indian Chief
PostGilded Antique Russian Icon
18th Century Italian Old Master Oil Painting
Antique Oil Old Master 18th Century, Gilded Frame
Early 19th Century Gilt Gold Framed Cross
Antique Italian Florentine Giltwood Frame
Antique Gold Gilded Wood and Gesso Mirror