Pre-Columbian & Antique Jewelry – Selling Private Collection | Online Only

Address: Online Only – Pompano Beach

Auction Start: Thursday August 18, 2022

Auction End: Thursday August 18, 2022


Selling Private Collection

Pre-Columbian Artifacts
Designer Handbags
Rare Uniquities
Designer Watches
17th thru 19th Century Religious Paintings
Exotic Woods

Thursday August 18th @ 5:00pm

All Items Being Sold Online

Pre Columbian and Antique Jewelry
Pre-Columbian Tairona Bead Necklaces

Pre-Columbian Tairona Shell Bead Necklace
Collection of Pre-Columbian Beads, Quartz, Organic Material
Antique Lapis Lazului Bead Necklace
Pre-Columbian Tairona Phallus Necklace
American Indian Trade Bead Necklaces
Antique Tibetan Silver Capped Beads
Natural Cut Emerald Stones
Opal, Amethyst, Jadeite and Coral Gemstone Beads
Montagua River Valley Jadeite Beads
Ancient Egyptian Beads Faience Pendant Necklace
Victorian Tortoise Shell Necklace
Antique Ruby and Jade Carved Beads
Egyptian Faience Scarab Earrings
ntique Cameo Pendants, Pocket Watch Chain, and Tie Clip
Spanish Early 1700s Gold and Emerald Ring