Strength Training Equipment – Corporate Gym – Immediate Vacate | Everything Must Go!

Address: 1451 South Miami Ave, Miami FL 33130

Auction Start: Thursday May 19, 2022

Auction End: Thursday May 19, 2022


Closing Exclusive
 Corporate Gym

Immediate Vacate
We Sell all Equipment by Auction
Everything Must Go

Parking Garage Entry,  Level TBA

1451 South Miami Ave, Miami FL 33130

Thursday, May 19th @ 11:30am

Life Fitness Signature Series Smith Machine with Bench

Life Fitness Dumbbell Rack with (5) Pairs of Dumbbells
 40# / 45# / 50# / 60# / 70#
Life Fitness Signature Series Dual Adjustable Pulley
Troy Plastic Coated Cross Training Plates
 (4) 45# Plates (2) 35# Plates (2) 25# Plates
 (4) 10# Plates (4) 5# Plates (2) 2.5# Plates total 365#
 Nautilus Leg Press
Nautilus Abduction/Adduction
Nautilus Seated Leg Curl
Nautilus Bicep Curl
Life Fitness Roman Chair
Hyper Extension
Nautilus Triceps Press
Nautilus Leg Extension
Nautilus Vertical Chest Press
Nautilus Pec Fly
Life Fitness Seated Row
Life Fitness Bicep Curl
Life Fitness Shoulder Press
Life Fitness Leg Extension
Life Fitness Leg Press
Life Fitness Chest Press
Life Fitness Lat Pulldown
Adjustable Incline Bench