Resale/Tax Certificates
Resale Tax Certificates Must be provided to Auction Cashier to be exempt from paying tax at the auction.


***As a convenience to our customers we try to keep your resale certificates on file each year, once you have provided it to us.  Please be prepared to show certificate if the auction cashier requests it, as sometimes your tax status is not updated in all our computer systems. It may take a few weeks for the tax status to be updated on all the different registration computers. Again, we offer this as convenience it is not something we are required to do. We fully appreciate your cooperation.


The State of Florida Sales Tax is computed on the total purchase price including buyer’s premium and applies to bidders residing within the state or purchasing at live auctions in Florida. The purchaser will be required to pay Florida Sales Tax unless exempted through possession of a valid State of Florida Sales Tax number/Resale Tax Certificate on file. Bidders must provide a copy of the Resale Tax Certificate in order to be exempt.


Please Note: The State of Florida has no arrangement of reciprocity with any other jurisdiction and the Auctioneer cannot honor a Sales Tax number from any other jurisdiction. 


If you are sending in your tax certificate to keep on file for the current year; please fax 954-965-7952,  email to,  or give a copy to the auction registration person at the auction.

Currently you must have a 2018 resale certificate on file, or we will charge you tax on your auction invoice.

If you are requesting a tax refund from an auction, you must do so by the 20th of each month.  Please send, current certificate and copy of the invoice from the auction you are requesting a refund.  You may email or fax request in.


****All refunds will be issued back to original form of payment.  ****

For cash payments, please allow a 3-5 days for check processing.


Below are examples of what Florida Resale Certificate – For Businesses & Non – Profit Organizations



Non-profit – Certificate Example